Soul Jazz / Funk / Boogaloo
Pittsburgh, PA


Joel Pace or Keith Stebler – Hammond organ
Steve Kraus – saxophones
Wayne Smith – guitar
Jim Powell – drums
Dave Zwastetzky – bass


In music, the word “groove” can be defined as an intuitive sense of a cycle in motion that emerges from carefully aligned rhythmic patterns.  This rhythmic experience often sets in motion dancing or foot-tapping on the part of listeners.  Groove became the fundamental element in the music of jazz legends like Jimmy McGriff, Jack McDuff, Richard “Groove” Holmes, and Lou Donaldson (and many many more) in the 1960’s when they incorporated blues, funk, and R&B with jazz creating something that came to be known as “Soul Jazz”.

Pittsburgh’s premier groove collective, Cadillac Club takes you back to this era by reviving this type of instrumental dance-floor jazz, funk and soul.  Guitarist Wayne Smith channels the energy of jazz greats like Grant Green and Pittsburgh’s own George Benson, while Joel Pace or Keith Stebler provide the trademark soulful sound of the Hammond B3 organ.  Steve Kraus delivers intricate and robust solos on tenor, alto and soprano saxophones while the rhythm section of Dave Zwastetzky and Jim Powell, on bass and drums respectively, lay down an undeniably deep groove creating a groundwork for rich melodies, improvisation, and climactic solos.

Cadillac Club plays music that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, backgrounds and musical tastes. Whether you recall these songs from the heyday of funky jazz and soul, or from samples used by hip-hop groups like A Tribe Called Quest and Pete Rock & CL Smooth, the music of Cadillac Club will surely put a smile on your face and some bounce in your step!

We are available for any occasion including weddings, parties, and gala events and offer several configurations (quintet, quartet, trio, duo) to suit your specific event.  In addition to a live ensemble, we also offer DJ services.  Feel free to contact us with any of your musical needs!

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